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Apyfal is a powerful and flexible toolkit that enables you to use FPGA [1] accelerated functions.”

Some reasons to use Apyfal :

  • Apyfal provides an abstraction layer to use the power of FPGA accelerated function in a hybrid multi-cloud environment.
  • The configuration and the provisioning is generated for the FPGA cloud context.
  • Apyfal can perform acceleration directly on cloud storage objects.
  • Don’t like Python ? Use the REST API and generate a client in any language.

All the accelerated functions

Apyfal provides a variety of accelerated functions.

Browse our Distribution platform, to discover them.

Basic Python code example

Accelerator API is easy to use and only needs a few lines of codes to instantiate an accelerator and its host and process data:

import apyfal

# Choose and initialize an accelerator
with apyfal.Accelerator(accelerator='my_accelerator') as myaccel:

    # Start and configure accelerator

    # Process data using FPGA accelerated function
    myaccel.process(src='/path/myfile1.dat',  dst='/path/result1.dat')
    myaccel.process(src='/path/myfile2.dat',  dst='/path/result2.dat')

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[1]FPGA is a programmable chip that can be used as a function-specialized, high-performance accelerator.