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What is needed to configure an accelerator ?

Two main configuration steps must be performed before running an accelerator

Accelize account

The first part is your Accelize account details (login and password), which are required to unlock the accelerator:

Host configuration

Accelerator needs an host with FPGA device that needs to be configured to run.

See Getting Started to see examples of possible cases.

Accelerator configuration

The accelerator can be configured either by using the configuration file or by passing parameter information to the API directly.

Using the configuration File

You can use accelerator.conf file to provide parameters to run your accelerator.

For more information on the configuration file, see:

This file is automatically loaded by the API if found in the current working directory or current user home directory. A custom path can also be passed as an argument to the API.

accelerator.conf example file.

Passing Parameters to Apyfal

The use of the configuration file is not mandatory; all parameters can be passed directly to the API as arguments. Please read the API documentation for more information.

See Apyfal API for more information.

If both the configuration file and arguments are used to configure an accelerator, configuration by arguments override configuration file values.