FAQ and Troubleshooting

This page list some frequently asked questions and troubleshooting.

If you encounter technical issues not listed here, don’t hesitate to open an issue on GitHub. For any other question, please contact Accelize.

Apyfal installation

I get errors when trying to install Apyfal with Pip, Host to fix this ?

Theses kind of errors may appear on some outdated Python environment. Update Python environment is the recommended way to fix theses issues.

Multiple answer are available:

Using a dedicated virtual environment:

This allows to have a separate environment for each use.

To install and use a virtual environments, refer to following documentations:

  • On any Python versions with Pipenv (Equivalent to pip + venv in one command).
  • On Python 3 with venv standard library module.
  • On Python 2 with Virtualenv module.

Updating all dependencies packages on current environment:

Firstly upgrade Pip to the last version

python -m pip install -U pip

Then, when installing (or updating) Apyfal add following arguments to the pip install command:

  • --upgrade --upgrade-strategy eager: Upgrade all dependencies to the last version.
  • --ignore-installed: Completely reinstall all packages. To use in case the previous arguments are not sufficient.

Cloud service providers

AWS: How to create access keys ?
See “Managing Access Keys for IAM Users” on AWS documentation.
AWS: How to run more Accelerator instances on AWS ?
Request an adjustment of the limit of AWS EC2 F1 instances you can launch to AWS support (0 by default).