It is possible to use accelerators using the REST API instead of Python But, note that in this case, host configuration is not supported.

The Apyfal REST API follow rhe OpenApi specification.

Generating REST API client in any language using OpenApi

With OpenApi, a client can be generated for almost any language (Java, Javascript, …)

git clone https://github.com/Accelize/apyfal.git
  • From the repository directory, run the client generator with the following command after replacing $GENERATOR_CLI with the path to the client generator .jar executable, and replacing $LANGUAGE by the language to generate (Please refer to client generator documentation for the list of possible languages)
java -jar $GENERATOR_CLI generate -i rest_api/input_spec.json -o rest_api/output -l $LANGUAGE
  • The generated API in the target language can be found in rest_api/output sub-directory inside the repository folder.